Welcome to the Lovely Sweet Dream

Hello there!

I’m Luka, the one behind this site. Here you can expect to find translations for certain Chinese BL web novels—if you came here for that, you might have come over from Novel Updates. I also have original pieces of writing in progress, although those are much more irregular.

That’s all from me for now. There isn’t much on this site (yet), but I hope you’ll be fine with it.

(To those who aren’t comfortable with BL: let me make it clear, all of my novel translations are¬†BL web novels, or may contain BL, and my own original writing¬†may contain BL as well. If you’re not comfortable with such material, please be mindful of what content you view on this site. That’s all, have a nice day!)

If you have any questions, the Contact form is up there ^^^ it’ll be sent through email

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